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October 8, 2017

How to make healthy eating fun and exciting

Admit it.
You know you have to eat healthily, but the sound of it bores the heck out of you.
No more sweet chocolate bars, no more French fries or pizza. You have to replace your treats with a boring bowl of salad, salad, and more salad.
Want a cup of latte with whipping cream on top? Or some nice cold beer to celebrate a hard working week? Well, bye-bye to all of them. Now you are left with green tea leaves, hot boiled water, and black coffee.
That was the exact reason why you always put it off.
Every time you think about eating healthy, you shrug your shoulders and say “I will start next week.”
But next week probably means never.
Because the thought of eating healthy is so boring. You wonder if it is possible for you to eat healthy while enjoying your food and your treats like you are right now.
Truth is, healthy eating is not a pain in the butt. It can be and it really is fun. Or at least it is possible to make it fun and exciting.

Defeat the boredom of healthy eating

Probably the main reason why you hesitate to eat healthy because of all the salad bowl images in your head. There is no beef, no spice, no ice cream in your picture.
Why is this image in your head?
Because that is what you see every day on the internet. When fitness coaches or models posted their food online, that is all they eat.
So you think if you want to be healthy, you need to turn into a rabbit and eat salad every time. And actually, that is what almost all coaches are telling you to do.
That is crap.
Healthy eating doesn’t mean eat only salad or whatever has green leaves.
Healthy eating is not complicated, it is indeed simple and easy. There are only 2 rules to remember.


This means eat everything. There is no “no-no” food. Eat anything that is eatable, unless you are allergic to it.
Eat your meat, your veggies, your rice, your bread. Literally everything.
However, variety also means variety.
You cannot eat beef all the time and call it variety. You have to buy plenty of different kinds of food. From beef, chicken, fish to veggies and fruits. And eat them all.

Cook your food

This rule means you have to make sure your food is prepared and cooked (doesn’t matter by whom). Not something you simply pull out from a box, a can and heat up.
Real food goes bad in couple days. If something doesn’t, you should not be eating it.
It means, your chocolate bar is not real food, your ice cream is not real food, and your potatoes chip is not either.

Make healthy eating exciting

Eat everything

To get you motivated to eat healthily, remember our first rule. You can eat everything.
Don’t just stand and stare that beefsteak from afar, go for it. Prepare a full meal of beef, bread, veggies soup and dessert and enjoy yourself.
If you are craving some junk food, go with your healthier substitutions to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Eat seasonal

Healthy eating means to eat seasonally. Don’t get bored of this advice or think every season has the same food. You will be amazed by how many types of unique foods you can find a season.
Not only eating seasonally helps you to get the best out of your food, it also makes you use different ingredients.
This helps to keep your eating interesting and makes your wallet happy too.

Change your cooking

You are busy. You don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen just for a meal. So you go with a simple salad and keep making it for couple weeks.
No wonder you are sick of healthy eating.
Change the way you cook, change the ingredients, change your recipes.
Of course, you are busy and you cannot do that every day. But you can change every week. If you need to prepare a large amount of food every weekend for the following week, make sure you prepare some good food that makes you drool when you think about them.

Keep it simple

It can be tiring and frustrating if you try to use so many ingredients and spend too much time to prepare your food. Even it is healthy for your body, it is not healthy for your mind.
Prepare something that you can enjoy while not slaving yourself for it. Perhaps it is a sliced apple mixed with berry and yogurt. No need to become a Master Chef to prepare the food you love.

Eat your “unhealthy” treat

Reward yourself often. If you are craving a slice of cheesecake, go get it. Don’t put it on hold forever. Sometimes, we need to be unhealthy to our body and be healthy to our brains.
Your little treat will keep you motivated and happy.

Healthy eating is not complicated, and far from boring

You just bought a new cookbook for people trying to go healthy, it turns out there is a whole world of delicious food in there.
You grab a slice of beef, few potatoes, and milk. After 30 minutes, the delicious smell fills your kitchen.
A fresh meal with beefsteak and mashed potatoes is waiting for you. You prepare your fruit salad, today is strawberries and yogurt. You don’t even need to put them in a bowl, you will just dip your berries to yogurt.
You end up with a troop of avocado ice cream you just made. And everything is tasty and perfect.
Who needs potatoes chips while watching movies when you can enjoy your smoothies and chew some cashews?
You never thought healthy eating can be this satisfying, this delicious. You feel like a whole new world is waiting for you. Every is an experiment, a journey. And you just start yours.

Mai Pham