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October 5, 2017

Can’t lose weight? Blame these weight loss myths

You are anxious. Your palms are sweating cold. You take a deep breath and close your eyes.
Your heart is pounding in your chest. You squeeze your fists tightly and open your eyes. It is time to find out.
You step on the scale and look down. Seems like you gain 1 pound compared to last week.
You can't believe it. You step down and step back on it again. You wipe your eyes couple times to make sure your eyes don't play game on you. But the scale figure doesn't change.
You gained weight.
“But it is impossible, I strictly followed the diet. I counted every calories I consumed”- you said.
Disappointed, depressed, angry.
You followed the damn diet which made you feel hungry almost all the time. For all the effort you put into your diet, it is only fair if you lose weight, a lot of weight.
You are stuck. You don't know why it happened. You did everything they said. But yet you still gained weight.
The truth is, you might be following some wrong myths that most people have fallen into. And those beliefs will never help you lose weight.
What are they?
I hereby list down some most common myths. Tell me, how many of them are you following?

You count your calories

You have read it somewhere on internet. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, you used a journal to count every single calories in your food.
Every time you went to grocery store, you carefully checked how many calories your food contains, you opted to diet coke all the time you went out to eat.
It seems you are doing the right thing? You are going to lose weight for sure. Yes?
Well, it is not that simple.
Many low calories products have unhealthy ingredients or artificial sweeteners to make them tastier, consuming those products would change your hormones and affect your metabolism.
Worse, some products trick your brain to anticipate the arrival of calories. But then without receiving real calories, your brain triggers your hunger. And you often find yourself ending up with extra snack bowls.

Your diet is way too strict

Yes, you heard me. You might gain weight during your strict diet.
When you cut down your food, your body reacts against it. Your body tries to keep you alive, and it does so by reducing your energy consumption level. With the same activity, your body tries to consume much fewer calories to keep your engine running. As usual, after using all the calories from food, your body starts taking calories from itself to provide to you.
“Well, that must be good then. Because I will burn fat once my body use calories from it” - You thought.
Unfortunately, your body will take calories from your muscles before your fat. You will lose your hard-earned muscles if your diet is way too strict.

You follow intense workout

Many people believed the only option to lose weight is to do intense workout. They jumped on the HIIT or cardio exercise all the time, trying to be as sweaty as possible. They thought they would lose weight faster and more sustainable with it.
Only this isn’t always the case.
Truth is, your body burns more calories when it is challenged with a new, fresh move. Which means that you will lose weight faster if you change your exercise often.
This way, your body would not get used to one same move, and let the learning curve to be used.

Every calories are the same

You have heard this before, “one pound of cotton weighs the same as one pound of stone”, so you thought “one calorie is one calorie everywhere”.
Well, not exactly.
One calorie in your cheesecake is definitely different from one calorie in salad. Five hundred calories of cheesecake can be gone within 10 minutes while those calories can be found in 2 big, really big salad bowls. Guess which one would make you fuller?
That is what people called “empty calories food”, which contains primarily of sugar, fats, oils or alcohol. One little bite of these food can gives you more calories than one full meal.
So next time if you opt for a sweet snack, stop for a second and ask yourself “Am I hungry?”. If you are, might as well eat a full meal.

You follow low carb diet, keto diet or other diets

People get more and more creative. They invent many different diets, each one claims to give you the fastest way to lose weight.
Agree. Many people lose weight using these methods.
However, it is extremely unhealthy to follow an unbalanced diet. Unbalanced diet is the one that doesn’t provide the right proportion of each type of basic foods. 

Many weird diets require you to cut down 100% of your carbs or veggies intake, makes your body gets energy from other foods and body parts, leaves your liver overworked, reduces body function, lacks vitamins and messes up your food digestion.

Detox is the fastest way to lose weight

You have read in many posts online, giving you the different detox recipes to lose weight fast. It claims to help you lose 5 pounds a week. And it does. People are thrilled when they see the drop in their scale, and think that detox is their life-savers.
Only that is BS.
Detox, by all means, is a method to get rid of all the toxic you have been taken to your body, not a way to lose weight. You lose weight when you follow detox because you have to reduce your food intake. But this weight loss is not sustainable. You will gain your weight back after you detox.

Be aware of lies and BS in weight loss

Imagine this.
You get out of your shower, feeling relaxed. You see your scale nearby and remember that you haven’t checked your weight for couple weeks.
Because you didn’t have to.
You see the notable drop in your clothing size, you feel fit, healthy and active. You start seeing your curvy waistline and some revealing muscles.
And that is more than enough. You don’t care so much about the figure in your scale anymore, because you know what works.

Mai Pham