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October 14, 2017

Top 10 weirdest but effective ways to lose weight

Admit it.
You want to lose weight. You probably know what you should do. But it involves hard work.
You are talking about exercising, clean eating and maintain a healthy lifestyle even after you lose your extra pounds.
The thought of it makes you take a step back.
“Well, maybe later. I will just try this method here. Some people claimed it worked for them.”
Then you tried it. But it was not a miracle as people said it was. You still felt hungry and moody most of the time.
Worse? You didn’t even lose that much weight. Maybe half of pound or something.
If you get a penny every time a “miracle-claimed” diet failed your expectation, you could be saving thousands of dollars right now.
I get it. I was there.
The truth is, don’t get so stressed out about losing weight. The key is to follow the right path, believe in yourself and be persistent. Time will give your deserved result.
In your long tough ride, you still sometimes look around to find something that makes your ride easier. You wonder if there is anyway to lose weight easily, without requiring you to sweat your butt off in the gym or starve yourself.
Well, you can celebrate now, because there are few weird sweat-free tips that can support you to lose weight. Tell me, have you tried them all?

Sleep naked

According to Forbes, keeping your body cool while you sleep would speed your metabolism because your body needs to burn more calories to keep you warm.
When you sleep naked, your body gets cooler, so more calories burnt.
But don’t set up the air-conditioner too cold, which can affect your health.

Drink a cup of lemon-honey before breakfast

A cup of warm water mixed with lemon and honey does tons of benefits to your body, including weight loss. This simple but magical juice helps to cleanse your liver, remove toxins from your body. No toxin, no barrier for your metabolism. Your metabolism would skyrocket and burn more calories for you.

Consume protein before you sleep

Some researches showed that if you consume protein before sleep could help to boost your metabolism, so you can burn some calories while sleeping.
People are still arguing that if when you consume protein matters, but the fact is that your metabolism slows down when you sleep, so some protein might do a little help to boost up this bad boy.

Eat in front of the mirror

For some people, it might sound a little creepy. We don’t really like to eat while looking at ourselves. But there is a good reason for it.
Because when we eat in front of the mirror, we can easily spot ourselves eating too much, too fast or eating unhealthy food. We become more aware of how we eat.
According to Techtime, this technique will simply make you judge yourself, just as how you judge other people in weight discrimination.
So even the taste of food remains the same, it becomes less appetizing, and you would consume less.

Use blue plates for your meal

Before evolution, people only ate fruits. To tell which one was right, they looked at their colors. The pretty yellow ones were right, the others were not.
What does it have anything to do with my blue plates?
Well, think again. Through millions of years, our brains were wired to distinguish food that way. Food with golden, brown, yellow colors looks more delicious than other colors.
And there was very rare food that is blue (except for blueberries). So our brains were not trained so hard to look at blue food and send hunger, craving signal to our bodies.
Researches also prove that blue color is appetite suppressant. So replace your beautiful white plates with some blue ones, and wait to see your weight drop. 

Use longer forks or spoons

Believe it or not, using long forks or spoons will make you feel elegant, sophisticated and slow you down.
Using longer forks and spoons helps you to enjoy food more as you take more time between bites. When you eat slowly, your digestion improves, timely sends signal to your brain when you are full. Therefore you are less likely to overeat. 

Brush your teeth right after you eat

You have finished your meal but you still crave for something else, perhaps your chocolate pie, a piece of that red velvet cake or some French fries to enjoy while watching movies. You knew you should not eat anything else. But your crave got stronger and stronger until your shrugged your shoulders and went straight to your refrigerator.
Honestly, how often does this happen to you?
Don’t worry. There is a simple way to instantly kill your crave: brush your teeth.
Brushing your teeth reduces the temptation to eat anything again. So right after your healthy meal, go straight to the bathroom and clean your teeth.


Really? I meant, really? Is this possible? Breathing helps you to lose weight?
Fortunately for us, not only breathing helps to lose weight, it also tightens our muscles, works our abs and very easy to do.
However, not all breath can do that. Only deep ones can.
When you breathe deeply, your stretch many muscles in your body, from your abs, chest to your lung. More oxygen runs into your body, nurturing your cells and boost your metabolism. The more oxygen your body uses, the more fat it burns.
To really utilise the simplest action that we unconsciously do, you need to make sure you inhale through your nose deeply and exhale through your mouth. 

Change your postures 

Fat cells can move.
Yes, it is not a myth or horror show. If you constantly slouch your shoulders, bend your back or not stand straight, your fat cells move from your shoulders, your back to your belly and store there.
Always maintain a good form, even when you are resting. That will send a signal to your brain that you are still active. If your brain thinks you are active, it would release more calories to get you through your tasks.
More calories released, more weight loss.

To be honest, these 9 ways are kinda fun.

Think about it. It is funny and weird.
You are sitting in your dining room with a blue set of plates and a ridiculously long fork. You even needed to ask your family to change their seats so you can face the mirror.
Your family didn’t say a thing, but you know how it sounded. You feel like a weirdo.
But surprisingly, being a weirdo worked. You felt lighter, smaller and you obviously have been eating less lately.
So don’t worry about being weird. If being weird helps you to achieve your goals, try to be weirder.
Are you trying to come up with other weird tips? We all look forward to it.

Mai Pham