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November 5, 2017

Why starving yourself is the biggest mistake you can make when trying to lose weight

You opened your closet, trying to find a dress to put on before meeting your friends.
And it had never been harder to choose a nice dress.
This tight one did a good job showing your big belly, this loosed one made you look like an old lady, and that one was so unfashionable.
You ended up wearing your usual jeans and T-shirt, hanging out with your friends who dressed up nicely and fashionably. We all know that we should not compare ourselves with others, but honestly, you felt a little embarrassed in your clothes.
You came home and set up a strict diet plan. Hopefully this plan would help you to look good on that tight dress fast.
After couple weeks, you didn’t seem to lose any weight at all. You were stuck, mad and didn’t know what else to do.
Who to blame? Not yourself.
First, blame your crazy diet which made you starve for weeks. The truth about those crazy diets is that they give you stupid advice.
No real health coach or doctor advise you to starve yourself. Indeed, that was the fastest way to keep you from losing weight forever.
Here’s why.

The more you starve, the more fat stored in your body

It sounded baloney but it was a proven fact. When you starve yourself, your body released more of a hormone called insulin. Insulin helps cells to store fat and prevent those fat cells to be used.
More fat cells stored in your body, more love handles you own.

You never feel full and you eat much more

In your normal condition, when you start to feel full, a hormone called Leptin is released and send a signal to your brain, saying that you have recovered your energy and you need to stop eating.
However, when you constantly starve, your hormone become inactivated. It no longer could send the full signal to your brain anymore.
Worse, it tells your brain that your body is finally getting some energy before the next starvation period, so better stuff as much food as possible. You no longer have full control over your appetite.

The more you starve, the more you crave

When you are hungry, your body released Gherlin hormone, which triggered your cravings.
If you are driven by your cravings, you are more likely to pig out in your next meal.
Have you ever wonder why those M&Ms looked so good when you are hungry? Well, in fact, everything looked so good when you are hungry.

Your stress level elevated when you are hungry

About 30 percent of adults eat to manage their stress. When you are stress, you tend to opt for unhealthy foods because of the satisfaction they could bring you.
These unhealthy foods contain a large sum of calories, sugar and fat, which can make you gain weight and store fat.

Hunger makes you lazy

Have you ever called people who stopped their exercise while they had intense diet “losers”? You think you would never be such a wimp? You think you are different from the crowd, who can have strict diet, do intense workout and make a new record of weight loss?
That is how we all feel when we just started to think about our diet.
However, the truth is more cruel than our fantasies.
Feeling hungry and feeling tired are a pair. When you are tired, your willpower is low. It is easy to make excuse not to do exercise when it happened.

You now know starving yourself to lose weight would never work

Imagine this.
You hang out with your friends, you were wearing a fashionable dress that you just bought. And you guys headed out for dinner.
While your friends limited their portions to a tiny salad bowl, you freely order more beef, soup and garlic bread. Not because you tried to pig out, but it was because you were still hungry.
Your friends were amazed with how much you could eat and still stay fit and active.
You smiled at them, told them to stop starving themselves and they would be the same.
They thought you were trying to fool them. They thought the best way to lose weight and maintain their weight is to starve themselves. They just didn’t understand.
But you understood.
You were armed with these above reasons and you knew starvation was never an answer.

Mai Pham