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November 18, 2017

5 undeniable reasons why women should build muscles

I have heard it all the times.
Many women came to me and asked: “Do you have any exercise I can do to lose my belly fat? Just my belly fat? I don’t want to have arm muscles.”
They think it makes them fewer women if they have muscular arms. And they don’t like big arms either. They are happy with their arms, chest, and back. All they want is to lose their belly fat.
For those women who don’t want muscles anywhere else in their bodies except in their abs, I feel you.
Because I was one of you.
I wanted to get rid of few extra pounds, I wanted to have a six-pack ab but I refused to do any push-ups, or legs workouts because I didn't want my arms and thighs to be bigger.
I only focused on my belly fat. I constantly searched for different effective ab exercises and tried them all. Sit-ups, crunches, plank…you name it.
I thought having a small body is so girly, so small waist, small arms and small thighs were beautiful.
Thinking back, that was so silly.
Now, I can give you countless reasons why every people, including women, should do strength training and cardio to build muscles. But to give you a brief, here are few reasons.

Women build muscles

Want to look like a lady in this dress?

It’s extremely hard to build muscular arms

There, this should give you a relief if you don’t want big arms. Unless you are determined to build nice lean muscles and perform some specific moves or give it at least 1 hour a day to work out, it won’t happen.
So instead of worrying 10 push-ups a day will bring you muscular arms and big manly chest, use that energy to do 10 push-ups instead.

Muscles burn more calories than fat

Muscle cells require more calories to keep them functioning properly than fat. This allows you to be able to eat more and still maintain or lose some weight.
When you perform certain types of exercise, your metabolic rate can be elevated during the day. It means if you work out, you will burn more calories while resting than if you don’t.
The increase in metabolic rate varies, depending on which types of exercise you do. Higher intensity exercise results in higher metabolic rate.

Muscles are much smaller than fat

Here’s the picture of 5 pounds of muscles compared with 5 pounds of fat.

When you build muscle and lose fat, you will get smaller and tighter. It doesn’t sound to be any less ladylike, does it?
This is also the change I’ve noticed in my arms. I was not afraid of having muscular arms but wasn’t a big fan of it either. After couple months working out and I could see clearly the muscle curves on my arms, I also noticed my shirt sleeves got loosener! 

Building muscles also increases bone density

All the strength training and muscles building exercises help to increase bone density, reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Don’t worry, having strong bones will not make you look bulkier or any less ladylike.

Muscles give you the strength to conquer the world

I know how it sounds. But that's a feeling you have when you realize you have become much stronger. You will feel unstoppable. You feel everything is possible. You feel more confident and self-aware.

The feeling when you overcome your limit

You will soon be addicted to your muscles

This is a guarantee. Even though right now you find it hard to believe. But the feeling when you can visually see your hard-earned muscles in your body is amazing.
It proves you are stronger than you thought, it proves you have reached beyond limits and it leaves proud marks on your body.
Many people, including introverts, feel irresistible to ignore that feeling, and they have the need to expose their achievements to the world. This is the reason you can find so many bikini bodies on the internet.
After reading these reasons, are you still afraid of having muscles?

Mai Pham